Monday, March 25, 2019


Hey Space Placers!

I'm no fan of politics in our space program but it is central to it.

Here is a GEAT article by Marcia Smith on what is currently going on politically with America's "Return to the Moon". You should follow her on FB and Twitter

Sky Guy in Recife, Brazil

Sunday, March 24, 2019


Hey Space Placers!

Here is the latest opportunity for you to contribute to science.

As described in the press release, "AstroQuest—researchers are looking for volunteers to study images of galaxies and figure out which light is coming from which galaxy. AstroQuest is a chance for anyone who’s interested in astronomy to be involved in one of the biggest scientific projects of the next ten years, astrophysicist Dr Luke Davies, from the University of Western Australia node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), said.

“You can essentially be at the forefront of scientific research and help out a huge million-dollar international project just by being at your computer and drawing over pictures of galaxies,” he said."

If you have wanted to do something to contribute to science, this is your latest opportunity.
There are other citizen science projects that you can become involved in at

Here's hoping you will consider helping science.....

Sky Guy in the Atlantic

Saturday, March 23, 2019


Hey Space Placers!

More bad news for Boeing.

Boeing is pushing back the maiden launch of an uncrewed Starliner from April to at least August.

Top notch reporting by the Washington Post gives us the inside scoop on Boeing issues with the Space Launch System (SLS)    and     this additional article on the Starliner.

What I find to be most interesting is how the pressure being applied to NASA and its contractors is centered on political purposes surrounding the 2020 election. a LOT of the Nation's problems in its exploration of space have come from political sources. But NASA's greatest accomplishment of landing on the Moon was a purely political one as well.

Maybe someday NASA will be given a budget free of politics, one legislatively defined as a certain percentage of the federal budget. Such a defined budget would really go along way in improving the timeliness and mission accomplishments of NASA.

Sky Guy in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Hey Space Placers!

Be sure to check out my pics of the Equinox Full Supermoon from last night

Here's the latest on two active missions that exploring up close and personal different asteroids. It is pretty amazing what they are finding out and how they are doing so.

I am in awe of the pics from Bennu showing ROCKS being ejected from the surface of the asteroid

This view of asteroid Bennu ejecting particles from its surface on January 19 was created by combining two images taken on board NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. Other image processing techniques were also applied, such as cropping and adjusting the brightness and contrast of each image.
Credits: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona/Lockheed Martin

This is absolutely incredible! And no one knows WHY this is happening, either. Maybe some of these  will eventually make their way to Earth as meteorites. Meteorites (Space Rocks) come from the asteroid belt, the Moon and Mars. Oh, and there are 60,000+ classified meteorites!

Chances are this magnificent bolide produced meteorites that fell into the Bering Sea.

Caught in action
In this animated sequence of photos taken by Japan's Himawari 8 weather satellite on Dec. 18, 2018, you can follow the progress of the dark dust cloud and glowing trail left by the meteoroid as it came crashing down into Earth's atmosphere at an estimated 32 km/s (72,000 mph). 
Japan Meteorological Agency
Humanity is at risk due to the impact threat. We need a space based asset like NEOCam that can look for threats approaching Earth that we cannot see due to the Sun.

Sky Guy at Sea

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Hey Space Placers!

Happy Equinox day! It is now spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

Regardless of where you are on the planet, tonight the Full Moon is a Full Super Equinox Moon - there hasn't been a Full Moon on the equinox since March 2000! And it won't happen again until March 2030!

This is also the last 'Supermoon' for 2019.

So get out and enjoy the Equinox Full Supermoon - it will be 30% brighter than normal.

I'm hoping to get pics of it here in Rio de Janeiro to share with you.

Sky Guy in Rio