Monday, October 18, 2010

OK, SO It's Cloudy...What's a Sky Watcher to do???

Hey Space Placers!

Wanna' know how many times I have been "clouded out" from an astronomical gotta' see? TOO MANY TIMES, that's how many!!!

But the pursuit of the sky goes with the weather (weax as I call it) unless you happen to be a radio astronomer who can observe day and cloudy night.

My relief for such times is to make the most of reading or surfin' the astronomical related 'net. I want to give you a list of my astro-faves that I check on a daily basis.

Of course my blog is on this list so you know how to get to it ;-)    Main NASA site with science and mission updates  Astronomy Picture of the Day is a mainstay classic  for fellow lunatics like me, all things lunar   global warming DOES EXIST; check this out and see for yourself  the grand-daddy of them all when it comes to astronomy magazines  Vital resource for the Sun and space weather Another Moon Watcher mainstay classic  A vital source for observing Earth orbiting vehicles such as HST, ISS

In a future blog I will post additional web links to space related sites.

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Sky Guy in VA

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