Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thinking Ahead.......

Hey Space Placers!

A scant month from now Christmas and other religious holidays will be upon us. If you have someone on your gift list who has interest in the sky I have a few buying suggestions for you.

Magazine subscription
Giving someone a year long subscription to an astronomy magazine is a GREAT idea as they get a monthly reminder of your thoughtfulness. There are two magazines - Sky & Telescope  and Astronomy that cover a wide assortment of topics each month and provide star charts and observing events for the month. You can't go wrong with either one.

Astronomical Calendar
If you go to either of the web sites of S&T and Astronomy you will find great stocking stuffers in the form of astronomical calendars. They combine great astro pics with daily information.

Red Lens Flashlight
Hey, this is THE thing to get for your astro pal....a flashlight with red LEDs or a red filter. These are REQUIRED at star parties in order to preserve night vision and exercise astronomical etiquette -no WHITE LIGHT allowed.

A Telescope
This one might even be for you! Buying a quality telescope is a wise investment for a lifetime. There is a LOT to consider in buying a telescope. If you are considering such a purchase, check out the S&T & Astronomy magazine web sites as they have sections on choosing a telescope. You can also drop me a line.

Give these suggestions some thought for the sky guy or sky gal in your life. They will really appreciate the thought.

Sky Guy in VA

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