Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This Might Hurt........

Hey Space Placers!

Let me apologize up front as to what I am about to do to you - hurt your brain!!!! Hang in there and I think you will be glad you did....

The study of the origin, evolution and destiny of the Universe is what Cosmology is all about. Current popular theory states that the Universe was created 13.7 billion years ago in an event called the "Big Bang". In that singular event time and space itself was created, and has been expanding ever since. Most cosmologists - but not all as you will see - theorize that the very, very young Universe underwent a period of inflation in which space expanded swiftly and significantly.

The thinking now is that the Universe will expand forever and eventually will become a dead, sterile and dark entity - devoid of anything except a soup of exotic particles.

Two cosmologists have taken exceptions with the prevailing view and think that they have found evidence to indicate that there was a previous existence of another Universe, or what the authors call an "Aeon". In fact, they propose the possibility of a "perhaps unending succession of Aeons".

Their evidence comes from the study of satellite microwave data that mapped the temperature of the observable Universe dating back to shortly after the Big Bang - the energy echo of that creative event is still visible.

I must confess that the idea of a recycling Universe is far more pleasing (and efficient) to me than a one shot and done grand plan.

I have included the link to the paper - take a peek and enjoy!Come on, give your brain a work out!

Sky Guy in Present Aeon

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