Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas & Apollo 8 Reflections

Hey Space Placers!

Merry Christmas and good will towards all ~

At the Kennedy Space Center I saw the firing room for all of the Apollo launches to the Moon. I also saw the launch pads, the massive crawler that took the Apollo-Saturn V stack out from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) (which was cool to see as well).

I also saw the last pristine Apollo-Saturn V which was amazing.

With the Christmas season and the KSC experience, I could not help but remember Apollo 8 - Christmas Eve 1968 - as Borman, Lovell and Anders orbited the Moon and read from Genesis for the entire world to hear and see. Please see and see the video. Apollo 8 - Bill Anders took it - also took the first Earthrise picture which became an icon for the ages.

When Apollo 8 was in orbit and reading from Genesis I was outside with my brand new 6-inch Newtonian Reflector telescope from Edmund Scientific looking at the crescent Moon while listening to the broadcast. I could not see the spacecraft of course, but I could see the Moon and knew where they were in orbit. This was a very inspirational moment for me in my life.....I had tears in my eyes and a true connection with the Moon.
Earthrise as seen from Apollo 8

May you and yours have a safe, joyous and wonderful holiday season.

Sky Guy in VA

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