Sunday, January 30, 2011

Most Distant Galaxy????

Hey Space Placers!

You might of heard or read in the news about "Farthest Galaxy Discovered" this past week. Well, the headlines are not totally accurate as the OBJECT detected by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) MAY be a galaxy, but it is currently an 80% chance that it is.

HST took a 40 hour exposure with the newly installed Wide Field Camera 3 and analysis of the resulting image led to the detection of a possible primordial galaxy candidate that is 13.2 BILLION light years from Earth - the figure is an enlargement of the galaxy candidate.

If this IS a galaxy, it is present only 500 million years after the Big Bang - the event that evidence shows created the Universe. This would be a big find indeed as it would show us what the Universe looked like at 4% of its estimated age.

Read More About It:

Sky Guy in VA

Zoomed-in view of UDFj-39546284

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