Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sky Guy Viewing Alert!!

Hey Space Placers!

No matter where you are tonight and tomorrow night (1-9 and 10 )take a look at bright Jupiter and the waxing crescent Moon in the west. The celestial duo will be a beautiful sight especially in the deepening dark after sunset.

If you have binoculars be sure to look at Jupiter as you can see the four main moons as tiny points of light stretching out to both sides of brilliant Jupiter. The moons change their position constantly so their number can vary as to visibility. You have to hold your binoculars steady - propping them against something solid can help.

The Moon offers a wealth of detail to biocular viewers. Craters abound and the view along the terminator -the line between day and night - is a real treat to explore.

Watching the position of the Moon change relative to Jupiter from hour to hour and night to night lends a 3D effect to the sky scene.

You can also try taking pictures by putting your camera on a tripod and take time exposures of 1 second.

Here's to clear skies!

Sky Guy

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