Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Night at GMU Observatory

Hey Space Placers!

We had 45 people show up tonight to look through our Meade 12" -the 32" should be in place in a month or so.

We looked at Juipter through the trees and saw all 4 main moons plus the rejuvinated south equatorial belt. We had our crowd spent time "under the dome" and gave them the somewhat unsettling experience of watching the sky turn as the dome moves.

We discussed stellar birth as the saw the new-born stars in the stellar nursery of the Orion Nebula. We tried to see the Crab Nebula - a supernova remnant but it couldn't be seen.

A real crowd pleaser was looking at brilliant Sirius - the brightest star in the night time sky - got a lot of ohhhs and awwws out of that view.

Everyone that was there got a free monthly star chart and sky calendar.

We finished up by looking at the winter constellations and showing our skyguests how to pick out some winter favorites like Oprion and Taurus.

I hope you will show up in two weeks.

Sky Guy in VA

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