Saturday, February 5, 2011

R2 Set For ISS Duty

Hey Space Placers!

Did you know that Space Shuttle Discovery and the STS-133 mission will be taking an extra crewmember to the International Space Station? That may not seem unusual at first, but the crewmember's name is "R2" - the world's first dexterous robot to be launched into space.

JSC2010-E-090926 -- Robonaut 2
R2 will be sent to ISS w/o legs but will still be put through training and acclimation. Legs will follow on a later mission. Read more about it:

I am sure R2 will be like R2D2 from Star Wars instead of "Open the pod bay doors please HAL" from 2001! It will be fun to watch R2 in the coming years.

Sky Guy in VA

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