Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where Will She Go?

Hey Space Placers!

Endeavour is scheduled for her last flight, STS-134, starting near sunset on April 19th. This is her last flight and she will join her sister shuttle Discovery as being retired upon return to Earth. Atlantis will do the same later this summer.

There is a bidding competition ongoing for the honor of housing these space treasures. NASA's Kennedy and Johnson Spce Centers, the Smithsonian, Adler Planetarium, the USS Intrepid Sea-Space Museum, the US Air Force Museum and other venues have put forth proposals to NASA detailing their plans. NASA Administrator Bolden will make his decision public on April 12th - the 30th anniversary of the first flight in the shuttle program made by Columbia in 1981.

These icons need to be displayed in large facilities posed in frozen action depicting them in space - their natural element. It will be exciting to see who gets the prize and how they will display it.

Sky Guy in VA

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