Monday, August 29, 2011

Bats & Arcturus

Hey Space Placers!

Well, the skies somewhat cleared last night and I sat outside to just relax after the week we have had - earthquake and Irene.

It was dusk and there were a few clouds outside but my beloved bats came out and I so enjoyed watching them fly and turn and do all of those incredible things bats do in the sky when they are out hunting. I saw 3 of them together and then it was singles after that flying not even 20 feet away when they made a low pass. At one point one of them flew in front of Arcturus - what a lovely sight in the gathering darkness.

And it made me reflect on what a planet/Universe we live in. One in which plate tectonics and climate ultimately rule our existence here on the planet and a Universe that can produce stars and bats and people to marvel at them. The atoms are the same in stars and bats and people but the process of making each of them is vastly different.

Each of us should take a few moments regardless of what is going on in our lives and marvel in the wonders that surround us - like bats and Arcturus....

Sky Guy in VA

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