Sunday, August 21, 2011

Watching the Sky

Hey Space Placers!

Greetings from Georgia (USA)> I am down here for the week andI wanted to share my thoughts following the early morning and now evening skies.

The Last Quarter Moon was almost directly overhead this morning at 5 am and Jupiter was not far from it. Both were a beautiful sight....there were clouds intervening so I could not see the stars and constellations of winter. Yes, the winter stars are amongst us and if you look in the east at 11 pm you will see the constellations of fall, most notably Pegasus, the Great Square, rising. You will also see Casseopia in the northeast standing as a "W".

The Sun rose in a "red sky" which to me means that weather will be in your forecast, and sure enough, severe thunderstorms in Northern Virginia with great sky cover here in the deeper south. There may by a tropical storm this way before the week is up.

My point to you is to always take the time to see what the sky has to offer, whether it be day or night. It is a constant companion that needs only your attention to divulge message and meaning....

Sky Guy in GA

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