Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy Night at GMU

Hey Space Placers!

For those of you in the DC area, I recommend coming to one of our George Mason University Astronomy Observing sessions. They are held ever two weeks on Monday and you can see the schedule here: http://physics.gmu.edu/~hgeller/observing.html

Last night we had well over 50 people show up and a lot of them stayed for 2 hours. We had the 12-inch telescope and the 32-inch telescope in use and people got to see the Moon and double stars. The Moon was just past full but was beautiful none the less.

I gave our guests a tour of the night sky and interspersed some solid astronomy for them while we were under the dome of the night sky.

In our next session we should be able to tune into Jupiter and some good deep sky objects.

Hope to see you there!

Sky Guy in VA

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