Sunday, September 25, 2011

The UARS Phenomena

Hey Space Placers!

I had Internet issues (again) yesterday but I think I got them ironed out after about an hour on the phone with the tech supprt of my ISP.

The demise of UARS loomed large in the Washington DC area on Friday and Saturday as I did an on air interview with WTOP and was asked to do an in-studio appearance for WTTG Fox 5 on Saturday. It made me wonder why the whoopla over the fall of UARS????

I think it caught the fascination of the public and the media because in this day and age the exact circumstances of the burn up of UARS could not be determined. We think we can know everything: when an earthquake will strike, the exact path of a hurricane, where and when a satellite will fall, the speed of a neutrino.

Well, we do not know everything and UARS continues to confound as we know it is down but do not where it came down and may never.

The Universe and her secrets yield slowly.....but only if we ask and pursue that which we do not know.

Sky Guy in VA

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