Sunday, October 9, 2011

From PC to Apple

Hey Space Placers!

Well, I did my part for the American economy today as I went out and bought an Apple MacBook Pro. I did this because my 3 PC machines were showing their age and I decided to get back to my roots. I started out with a Commodore 128 in '85 and went to a Mac SE in '86, a Mac Iici in 1993 and PC's in 98'. I am still getting used to the new machine but I have to say it is IMPRESSIVE. Everything you need comes in one box. Steve Jobs, rest in peace and thank you for all you did for humanity, did it right.

I did not see any Draconids last night but the fall constellations are getting higher and the Moon was beautiful as always. Jupiter is rising soon after dark - it is the brightest object in the east - and will soon be visible all night.

Tomorrow will be an update on NASA's GRAIL mission to the Moon.

Sky Guy in VA

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