Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Got Mars????

Hey SPace Placers!

For you early risers - an hour or more before dawn, be sure to look up Mars high overhead, a little towards the east. Mars is becoming brighter as it moves closer to Earth and it now is a little brighter than the star Regulus in the constellation of Leo the Lion. You will see Mars and Regulus near one another and Mars is steadier, brighter and reddish-orange tinted as opposed to yellowish-white Regulus.

Mars will continue to get brighter and redder in color as the weeks roll by. It is fitting that we know where Mars is in the sky as NASA prepares to launch Curiosity towards the Red Planet on the 8th of this month. The super rover-laboratory on wheels promises to revolutionize our search for signs of life - past and present- on the planet in Gale Crater.

More to come on Mars and Curiosity to come but take a peek tomorrow in the pre-dawn sky and spot the Red Planet for yourself.

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