Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Story of Gale Crater

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Nov. 25th is the projected launch date of NASA's newest mission to Mars. The Mars Science Laboratory, named Curiosity, is due to land in a crater named Gale - a 96 mile wide crater that has a central mountain that is three times higher than the Grand Canyon is deep.

Gale Crater was selected for the landing site as it is thought to be a place where the past history of Mars will be available in the layers of sedimentary rock that abounds in the crater. By studying these layers with the sophisticated instruments on board Curiosity, and its ability to roam the Martian surface, scientists are very optimistic that a treasure trove of information will be discovered.

SO when you watch Mars get brighter in the sky in the upcoming weeks think about Gale Crater and what we will find there - perhaps building blocks of life if not not proof of life itself.

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Gale Crater (gale crater, 558px)

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