Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Diamond Planets?

Hey Space Placers!

We know that there are plenty of planets besides our own solar system. In fact, NASA is going to hold a news conference today, Dec. 20, to announce the latest finds from Kepler - the planet hunting spacecraft.

A recent experiment here on Earth developed the notion that planets somewhat similar in size to Earth could form being comprised of 50% diamond. Researchers were experimenting with what it takes to form diamond in the lower mantle of our planet.

According to the news release from Ohio State University, "“Our results are striking, in that they suggest carbon-rich planets can form with a core and a mantle, just as Earth did,” Panero added. “However, the cores would likely be very carbon-rich – much like steel – and the mantle would also be dominated by carbon, much in the form of diamond.”

Such a planet would probably have very cold and difficult conditions for life to form. This is another intriguing example of the planetary possibilities that may exist. The results also show how precious our planet really is.

Read More About It: http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/diamondplanet.htm 

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