Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sun Unleashes X Class Solar Flare!

Hey Space Placers!

The Sun got our attention this week with the M9 class solar flare blown out on the 23rd by Sunspot 1402. Well, bad boy 1402 blew another blast into space on the 27th, an X Class - the highest class of solar flare, - see the videos below. Fortunately 1402 was facing away from our planet so the effect was minimal, but it does give us notice that the Sun is becoming more active. It is almost a sure bet that more solar activity is coming our way as we head to solar maximum next year.

X Class solar flare on January 27 videos: and

Here is a NASA video that explains solar flares: It gives good information on what I think will become a fairly regular event for the next 20 months or so.

Tomorrow I will have more on the Sun.

Sky Guy in VA

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