Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's Up With Snow This Winter???

Hey Space Placers!

With the Washington, D.C. area experiencing its first true taste of winter and other places facing snow droughts or extremes , I thought the following NASA Science story would be of interest. What had been predicted to be almost no snow on this past Friday turned into a "the road is completely covered and we are in heavy snow" event as I was traveling  Route 29 south. Was interesting to say the least for awhile.

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I am of the opinion, my own of course, that the climate of our planet is changing. The documented loss of ice and glacier cover plus the number of severe weather events happening has convinced me. Yes, I think it is global warming and yes, I think it is man-made. But, the planet has undergone periods of climatic change long before there was an industrial revolution so the jury is still out I believe as to where this will all lead.

Sky Guy in Snowy VA

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