Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NASA'S FY 2013 Budget

Hey Space Placers!

NASA's budget for Fiscal Year 2013 has just been released. NASA gets $17.7 billion for everything it does in aerospace, aeronautics and planetary science....that is very little money in the scheme of things involving a $1.3 trillion federal budget.

As described by NASA, "the budget includes $4 billion for space operations and $4 billion for exploration activities in the Human Exploration Operationsmission directorate, including close-out of the Space Shuttle Program,and funding for the International Space Station, $4.9 billion for science, $669 million for space technology and $552 million for aeronautics research. The budget supports NASA’s continued work to develop the Space Launch System, a new heavy-lift rocket to carry astronauts to destinations such as an asteroid and Mars, and the Orion crew capsule in which they will travel. Included are resources for final preparation and manufacturing milestones for Orion’s 2014 Exploration Flight Test 1and preliminary design reviews of major Space Launch System elements."

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