Saturday, March 3, 2012

Better Tornado Forecasting Coming

Hey Space Placers!

I am sure you are as heartbroken as I am over the terrible tornadoes that have absolutely ravaged several states over the past few days. According to one of my weather forecasting friends, this will be a historic March in U.S. tornado history. In the span of just two days the number of tornadoes has surpassed the historical average for the entire month of March. One cannot help but wonder what lies ahead for the rest of the month and tornado season. As you read the NASA article please note that it was published before the tornado outbreak of the past few days.

NASA is preparing the next generation of weather satellites that will launch in late 2015 and vastly improve the forecasting of tornadoes, even at night an in hilly terrain. The amount of warning time will significantly improve as well.

When the GOES-R satellites get in orbit they will literally be saving countless lives. I just wish they could have been operational already.

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