Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sky Guy Viewing ALERT!!!!!! the mid-Atlantic

Hey Space Placers!!!!

Tomorrow night, Sunday, March 18, opens the launch window that extends through April 3, for NASA's launching of 5 sounding rockets from Wallops Island, VA, to study high altitude winds.

Depending on your location along the mid-Atlantic, you will be able to see the rockets and the scheduled release of a substance into the atmosphere that will luminesce and then spread due to the wind action. NASA will have cameras positioned in key locations to capture the wind action that can then be studied to discern the patterns and actions taking place high in the atmosphere.

This will be quite a sight to see and I recommend that if you are in a location that allows you to see this event that you take some time to try and find a viewing location today.

For the launch to occur the skies have to be clear so that the cameras can capture the results. So check your weather and that of Wallops area tomorrow night.
Tracer release and camera observation locations for ATREX mission.

Read More About It: and for launch updates,

A launch decision will be made later today, Saturday, so I will update the blog when NASA makes its announcement.

Sky Guy in VA

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