Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A New Era Begins - Planetary Resources, INC

Hey Space Placers!

Yesterday a news conference was held in Seattle, WA that was historic and may be a watershed event in the history of humanity's exploration of space.

Several billionaires revealed their new company, Planetary Resources, and their goal: to make money mining asteroids and setting up gas stations in space. The very ambitious plan states that their fisrt spacecraft will fly in 24 months. Their team is made up of people used to getting the job done and it will be interesting to see how this latest commercial space venture plays out.

I hope they succeed for the benefit of all humnanity, which is one of their recurring themes on their website.

PHOTO: Computer rendition of a robotic spacecraft closing in on an asteroid to mine it for water or precious metals from Planetary Resources, Inc..
 A Robotic Spacecraft Closes in an Asteroid
Planetary Rescources

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