Monday, April 23, 2012

Punching Through Saturn's F Ring

Hey Space Placers!

Once again, Happy 22nd anniversary in orbit, HST, see my last blog.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft continues to amaze as new images were obtained that show one of Saturn's many moons punching through the "F" ring of Saturn and leaving a trail of debris behind.

Trails that were dragged out from Saturn's F ring

Saturn's rings and its moons are intertwined and you can Read More About It here: and tune in to the excellent video.

Saturn is now at opposition in Earth's sky which means it is directly opposite the Sun and in our sky all night. Saturn rises at sunset in the east and is keeping a star, Spica, company. Saturn is detectable by its steady appearance in the sky as opposed to a twinkling star. I'll let you know when the Moon will be passing by Saturn so you can zero in on its location.

I have not viewed Saturn yet and look forward to do so and sharing some oils with yo.

Sky Guy in VA

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