Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sky Guy Viewing ALERT!!! Venus Heads Towards the Sun

Hey Space Placers!

Now is the time to go outside as it starts to get dark and find brilliant Venus in the western sky. The Goddess of Love has dominated our western skies for the past few months and is now headed towards the western horizon and ultimately, the Sun.

Watching Venus now night to night will reveal just how quickly the second planet from the Sun is moving in the sky. In a telescope Venus reveals Moon-like phases and is becoming a larger and slimmer crescent night by night. In a matter of a few weeks Venus will be gone from the evening sky and a very large crescent in the eyepiece.

All of this is leading to the historic transit of the Sun by Venus on June 5-6, 2012, when most of the world will be able to see this event, the last until 2117. See my blog of May 7, 2012 for more details.

Crescent Venus waning in May

Sky Guy in VA

Have you bought your solar filter yet??? I

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