Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chinese Space Program Makes History

Hey Space Placers!

The three Chinese Taikonauts successfully docked with the Chinese space station at 2 a.m. EDT today, June 19, 2012. China is the third nation to do so after the U.S. and Russia - former USSR.

The rendezvous and docking was done on automatic control and later in the flight the Taikonauts will do the maneuver manually.

This is a he step forward as it will give China the ability to send crews up to the China's fledgling space station and such maneuvers would be needed for future goals in China's space program which includes going to the Moon.

The historic moment was broadcast live on CNTV, China's national TV station and you can see video here at CNTV: http://english.cntv.cn/special/shenzhou9/live/astronauts/index.shtml

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