Saturday, June 30, 2012

Just Got Internet Back - WHAT A STORM

Hey Space Placers!

I hope all of you in the DC, MD, VA area are OK!  I am down in Charlottesville this weekend and just got Internet back.

We got hit with 65+ mph winds at 10 pm last night and the lightning erupted knocking out power.

Fortunately we got power back at 2 am on Saturday but Internet was down until just 5 minutes ago. We  were very, very fortunate to have power unlike the hundreds of thousands who do not.

I have lived in VA for almost 19 years and I have been through 7 typhoons, including a category 5. The weather is becoming more violent, plain and simple.

We in VA are in a declared state of emergency due to the largest power outage in the state's history caused by a non-hurricane event.

Temperature records fell by the thousands between Friday and Saturday across the U.S.

I hope all of you are safe, cool and well.

I will start back to the stars for you tomorrow.

May you get a good night's rest.....

Sky Guy in VA

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