Monday, June 25, 2012

Latest Mars Findings

Hey Space Placers!

I thought it would be appropriate to provide you the latest Mars findings since we have been blogging about Curiosity the past few days.

First, any idea how many craters there are on Mars? How about 635,000 craters one kilometer or larger? That's what researchers came up with after counting the craters based on imagery returned from a variety of spacecraft.

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Another recent study based upon analysis of meteorites from Mars, has determined that Mars has extensive water in its' interior similar to that of Earth. Earth was the only planet known to have vast reservoirs of water in its interior but this study shows that Mars does too. This finding raises the distinct possibility that Mars had conditions needed for life as we know it in its' past.

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I thinkCuriosity is going to be very, very busy on Mars. And I think all of us are going to be very, very surprised at what she finds.

Sky Guy in VA

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