Monday, July 23, 2012

Sally Ride 1951 - 2012

Hey Space Placers!

A sad note today, Dr. Sally Ride, Ph.D, and America's first woman astronaut to go into space passed away today, 7-23-12 at the age of 61 due to pancreatic cancer.

Sally was a pioneer in many ways before she launched into abort in 1983 aboard Space Shuttle Challenger; she was also the youngest American to go into space a the time. She flew one more mission aboard Challenger the next year and then went on to a distinguished educational career.

In an age when few women were in the sciences, Sally became a physicist in the 1970's and later taught physics after she left NASA. She also founded her own company - Sally Ride Science - to inspire and educate students, especially young girls and women.

Astronaut Sally Ride during the STS-7 mission in 1983. Credit: NASA
Rest in peace Sally and may you roam the stars to continue your voyage of exploration. We on Earth shall miss you.....

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