Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sky Guy DUAL Viewing ALERT 7-14/15-2012!!!!!!!!

Hey Space Placers!

As I write this on 7-14-12, 1000 (EDT), the Earth is being buffeted by a corneal mass ejection that blew out from the Sun last Thursday in an X-class (the most powerful) solar flare from huge and directly facing Earth sunspot AR 1520 - see Solar Dynamics Observatory picture below.


There is a good possibility that auroral displays will be visible at high and even middle latitudes. To check for your geographic area see this link:  This is the biggest solar flare event of the summer so check out your location.

Tomorrow an hour before sunrise face the east and see the waning crescent Moon join Aldebaran, Venus, Jupiter and the Pleiades. You will see Earthshine adorning the dark of the Moon as an added bonus - see the Sky and Telescope diagram below.

Dawn view

Enjoy the sky spectaculars!

Sky Guy in VA

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