Monday, August 6, 2012

Touchdown Confirmed Revisited

Hey Space Placers!

It has been a long and wonderful day! Curiosity is safely on Mars.

I watched the EDL proceedings by monitoring in real time the "Eye on the Solar System" Curiosity software and the live broadcast from JPL all on the same computer screen. The computer simulation of the landing was running about 30 seconds ahead of real time coming from the radio calls at JPL.

Here is a real video gem from JPL that captures the moments and events that led to "Touchdown Confirmed". Watch it several times as I did to relive the goosebumps and raw emotions I felt when Curiosity was on the surface of Mars.

As of late we have been relentlessly subjected on an almost daily basis as to the horrible things that humans can do....Curiosity shows what wonders humans are capable of  and that wasn't in her mission objectives. This may be her legacy to humanity while her scientific accomplishments that are sure to come will fulfill the science objectives.

Thank you Curiosity for that cherished moment of unbridled raw and pure emotion of joy and relief when you touched down. It will be with me always.

Sky Guy in VA

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