Saturday, September 8, 2012

Latest HST Gem

Hey Space Placers!

Here is the most recent Hubble Space Telescope (HST) release and it is a gem. It shows a huge trillion solar mass elliptical galaxy with a Milky Way size spiral galaxy. The two may be starting to gravitationally interact. By the way, the huge elliptical is home to a 4.5 BILLION solar mass black hole - one of the largest known!

Make sure you click on the full image to view the myriad of galaxies that can be seen in the image - this is what caught my attention after studying the two galaxies in the image. You see all sorts of interesting galaxies - spiral, elliptical, irregular. It shows us how large the Universe is and how it is teeming with billions of galaxies.

These two galaxies are visible in amateur telescopes and are located in the constellation of Virgo, which is swarming with galaxies.


Here is the link:

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