Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Sungrazer Comet

Hey Space Placers!

A new comet has been discovered way out in the solar system that is due to pass 800,000 miles from the surface of the Sun on or about November 28, 2013.

You may remember the last sungrazer last year that swung around the Sun and survived to the amazement of the whole world.

Comet ISON is already causing a buzz in the astronomical community due to speculation over how bright it will become getting that close to the Sun. It is POSSIBLE that the comet could get as bright or brighter than the Full Moon which menas it would be visible in the daytime.

Comest are notorious for their behavior - they can fizzle as a dud disappointing the world or flare into aw-inspiring brightness with as tail that sweeps across the sky.

Only time will tell but I guarantee you I will be following Comet ISON closely!

You can see a sample of the media hype already starting over Comet ISON here:

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