Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tune in on Voyager

Hey Space Placers!

From NASA and  JPL:

The twin Voyager spacecraft were launched 35 years ago this fall.  After their historic Grand Tour of the giant planets of our solar system, they are now about to enter interstellar space.

Two events at JPL will be streamed on the internet at http://www.ustream.tv/nasajpl2

Tuesday, September 4        7 p.m. PDT
Voyager project scientist and former JPL director Dr. Ed Stone will lead a panel discussion with four of the mission’s principal investigators.

Wednesday, September 5,   11 a.m. PDT
“35 Years in Space: What Hasn’t Been Told Before About the Voyager Mission By Those Who Made it Possible”

Panelists include:

• Charley Kohlhase: 10,000 Ways to Visit the Gas Giants
• Chris Jones: Fault protection design and Voyager's post-launch anxiety attack
• Bob Cesarone: Navigating Uncharted Space: Voyager 2 at Neptune
• Ann Druyan: The Terrestrial Impact of the Voyager Interstellar Record 


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