Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Links to Today's Stories on Fox 5

Hey Space Placers and Fox 5'ers!

Another GREAT segment with Sarah, Wisdom and Tucker at Fox 5. When the link to the sgement is up I will share it with you.

For those who could not tune in, our live segment today covered NASA's Curiosity News Conference of 12/3/12; The Geminid Meteor Shower on 12/13-14/12 and the Mayan Calendar "End of the World" nonesense that is slated for 12/21/12 - the world is NOT ending that day, so as Curiosity says, "Chill Everyone".

Here are the links:




I'll have more on the Geminids and the Mayan Calendar as the dates get nearer as well as continued updates on Curiosity.

Sky Guy in VA

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