Friday, December 14, 2012

Try The Geminids Friday Night

Hey Space Placers!

It was a COLD and CLEAR night last night and the Geminids were WONDERFUL!!!!

I observed them from a suburban location that has light pollution but still saw dozens per hour including a brilliant meteor that had a luminous train and was almost as bright as Jupiter! It covered about 40-50 degrees of the of the best meteors I have ever seen in my life.

I so enjoy the Geminids as you can feel and see winter due to the cold and the leafless trees. I was on my back deck looking up at the sky through my 100 foot tall oak tree with its branches sprawled across part of the sky. Jupiter, the Seven Sisters and Orion with is hunting dogs were on grand display.

The quiet and cold air calms one's soul and the stars beckon you to think of their realm and all it contains. Nights like this are rare and I cherish them so.

Reports indicate that this was a splendid and active peak for the Geminids.

I am going to go outside again tonight and see if there are a few more that I can see.

I also saw some sporadic (non-Geminid) meteors and I think I saw one that could have been a Piscid from the new possible meteor shower.

Sky Guy in VA

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