Monday, January 7, 2013

Martian Flower

Hey Space Placers!

Have you heard about the Martian "Flower" found by Curiosity on Mars? The news media are all abuzz  - nasa martian flower - about a raw image taken by the roving lab on 12/19 and recently posted on Curiosity's web site .

Curiosity has found other strange "things" on Mars that turned out to be pieces of Curiosity herself. But this time around NASA does not think this object comes from the lab. Initial thoughts are that the pictured object appears to be part of the rock itself.

To me the object looks like opal, as it has that same translucent and shiny appearance the beautiful earthbound gem does.

It remains to be seen if NASA will take a closer look and try to find out what this item is. After all, that is what Curiosity was sent to Mars to do - explore and find answers. But Curiosity is looking for its first rock to drill into and complete the final instrument checkout. Time will tell if we learn more about the "Martian Flower" or if it will go into Martian lore.

Ah, don't we all love a Martian mystery???!!!!!

Sky Guy in VA

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