Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chelyabinsk Event on APOD

Hey SPace Placers!

Check out the videos and listen to the Chelyabinsk event on Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

The videos are stunning and the audio still takes my breath away. It is eerily like a reconstructed audio that was made of the June 30, 1908 Tunguska event based on the known timeline and witness reports -

What do you the shock waves sound similar? I think so.

Preliminary reports from the area indicate that chondrite (stony) meteorites have been recovered. These recovered samples still have to undergo scientific classification to be confirmed as meteorites AND attributed to the 2-14-13 fall.

I am sure that eBay and other Internet sales claiming to be from the event will be forthcoming if not already happening. All I can say is buyer beware and know your source. As I said, nothing is official until scientifically examined, classified and directly attributed to the Chelyabinsk fall/impact event.

Sky Guy in VA

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