Sunday, February 10, 2013

Curiosity Drills and Makes Martian History

Hey Space Placers!

Curiosity made history by being the first to ever drill into the rock of Mars:

Curiosity Drills into Mars (splash)

The hole on the right was a test hole and the one on the left was the sample hole, both were drilled on February 8, 2013. Pictures to confirm the drilling and to view the resulting rock sample were beamed to Earth on February 9.

The fine powder will be placed into the analytical instrument package of Curiosity to see what secrets can be devined from the rock powder. The area where the drilling took place is in an area that water is thought to have once flowed and sedimentary rock  (layered rock deposited by flowing water) formed.

The testing and analysis of the rock will take place in the near future and the results will be provided when ready.

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