Monday, February 25, 2013

See the Newest Meteorite Fall on Earth

Hey Space Placers!

Check out the newest meteorite fall (an event that is witnessed which produces meteorites that are found AND attributed to the witnessed event) on Earth at the Russian Laboratory of Meteoritics This web page is devoted to the impact event at Chelyabinsk that occurred on 2-15-13 and has some great information/photos.

This beuatiful specimen photo from the Lab shows fusion crust (the black line around the circumference of the specimen, shock veins (the black lines) and chondrules (the round structures. When I saw it I thought it would be very possibly an L or LL stony chondrite (a scientific classification of the type of meteorite) based on my own similar type meteorite specimens.

The final classification and naming of this fall event will be made by the Meteoritical Society in a bulletin once all tests and classifications results are finished. It will take several months until we know for sure.

Sky Guy in VA

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