Sunday, May 12, 2013

Curiosity Gets Set To Drill Again

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    Haven't heard much about Curiosity lately, have you? There is a good reason for that as Mars has been in line with Sun as seen from Earth so Mars spacecraft operations have been on hold. This is done to make sure that any no radio signals from Earth to Mars are affected by passing so close to the Sun that they may become compromised and cause errors.

   The spacecraft on Mars and in orbit have been in a hibernation mode awaiting Mars to clear the line of sight of the Sun which has now occurred. All spacecraft are healthy and ready to resume operations.

Curiosity is preparing for her second drilling target called Cumberland. Located nine feet from the previous drilling site the objective is to confirm the first site's results.

'Cumberland' Selected as Curiosity's Second Drilling Target
'Cumberland' Selected as Curiosity's Second Drilling Target
This map shows the location of "Cumberland," the second rock-drilling target for NASA's Mars rover Curiosity, in relation to the rover's first drilling target, "John Klein," within the southwestern lobe of a shallow depression called "Yellowknife Bay."

'Cumberland' Target for Drilling by Curiosity Mars Rover
'Cumberland' Target for Drilling by Curiosity Mars Rover
This patch of bedrock, called "Cumberland," has been selected as the second target for drilling by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity.

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