Monday, May 13, 2013

Exoplanets Project 1640

Hey Space Placers!

   We live in an age when exoplanet candidates are being discovered almost daily - we now have over 800 exoplanets confirmed with thousands more awaiting analysis and confirmation.

  Astronomers and their techniques involving the discovery and analysis of exoplanets are getting better all the time. Astronomers now have the ability to DIRECTLY image some exoplanets. In fact, they are even able to take the light from the exoplanet and learn about the planet itself.

Planetary Family PortraitThis image shows the HR 8799 planets with starlight optically suppressed and data processing conducted to remove residual starlight. The star is at the center of the blackened circle in the image. The four spots indicated with the letters b through e are the planets. This is a composite image using 30 wavelengths of light and was obtained over a period of 1.25 hours on June 14 and 15, 2012. Image courtesy of Project 1640

We are learning more and more about these other worlds and will gain more knowledge as the techniques and instruments get better.

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