Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sky Guy Internet Viewing ALERT - Annular Eclipse of the Sun 5-9-13

Hey Space Placers!

  There will be an annular eclipse of the Sun tomorrow, 5-9-13, covering Australia and the South Pacific. Viewers around the world can tune in via the Internet at 2:30 p.m. PDT or 21:30 UTC to see the live and free feed courtesy of Slooh.

  In an annular eclipse the Moon does not totally eclipse the Sun so there is a ring of sunlight or annulus that is visible. If you are in a location where the eclipse is visible be sure to heed the safety warnings provided in the press release below - NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN without the proper and safe equipment as blindness can result.

Get details on how to view on the Internet here as well as a link for International times:

You can a preview of the eclipse here;

The U.S. gets a total solar eclipse in August 2017 - I already have my viwing spot along the centerline picked out!

Sky Guy in VA

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