Friday, May 24, 2013

UPDATED Sky Guy Viewing ALERT Planetary Trio 5-24 to 5-28

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UPDATE: I saw the three planets last night but the key is to have a clear view of the horizon and wait for it to get dark enough for Mercury to shine through. I saw all three planets with the unaided eye but binoculars did help to bring out the colors of each planet. It is definitely worth looking each night to see how the alignment of the planetary trio changes. I hope to get some pics tonight. Sky Guy in VA

The sky show begins in earnest tonight as the three planets - Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, will form a compact trio and move each night.

They will be easy to see low in the west northwest 30-45 minutes after sunset. Find a view of the horizon that is free of trees, building and lights. They will be visible to the naked eye but binoculars will  greatly enhance the view.

See my segment on Fox 5 here:

See more about it here:

Be sure to get out and see this trio as we will not have such a tight grouping of naked eye planets until 2026. Also try and envision looking across the solar system as these planets are on the opposite side of the solar system, each orbiting the Sun as does Earth. This is why we see them move night to night.

3-planet dance on May 24, 2013
Sky & Telescope magazine

3-planet dance on May 28, 2013
Sky & Telescope magazine

Sky Guy in VA

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