Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Must See Viedo of the Nearby Universe

Hey Space Placers!

Got 20 minutes or so to spare? I HIGHLY recommend that you visit and read this web page
and watch the video here
to gain a fundamental understanding and appreciation for what the nearby Universe looks like.

map of galaxies

The map above shows what structures lie within about 300 million light years of our Milky Way Galaxy. While each dot represents a galaxy, note that there is structure within the banding or filaments that we see.
There are also voids where relatively little visible mass resides.

The video does an excellent job ginving us information on whre we are in this whole vast structure and what may be causing the structure that we see.

I feel very confident that you will have a new appreciation for the nearby Universe and our place in once you have seen the video.

Sky Guy in VA

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