Monday, June 24, 2013

Ancient Ideas About the Universe

Hey Space Placers!

The Moon was sure beautiful this weekend, especially on Sunday night as lightning and fireflies accompanied the moonlight.

Here is a link to a very informative news story about an archeological find regarding prehistoric art that appears to depict the artist's view of the Universe. What's more, this discovery and others are along the Appalachian Trail (I have hiked portions of the AT encountering billion-year old granite).

Here is the link:

Astronomy, perhaps more than any other science, invokes the imagination and musings of each of us that look up at the sky. Perhaps some people feel the same way about chemistry, biology or other sciences. But astronomy, and more specifically cosmology - the study of the Universe itself - allows each of us to ask when we look at the night sky, where did all that I see come from?

We in 2013 know what we know because of those before who have wondered, considered, studied and shared their thoughts, theories and yes, art. We are unravelling a bit more about the Universe with each generation.

What will our ancestors 6,000 years from now think of our depictions of the Universe?

Sky Guy in VA

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