Monday, July 22, 2013

Apollo 11 F-1 Engine Found

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A Saturn-V first stage F-1 rocket engine recently recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic off of Cape Kennedy has been positively identified as being from the Apollo 11 mission.

Jeff Bezos' expedition to find the F-1's on the floor of the Atlantic recently recovered enough hardware to make up two F-1's. His dream was to be lucky enough to find an engine from the Apollo 11 mission. 

Each Saturn V had five F-1's in its' first stage. With 10 apollo missions - 8 through 17 - that's 50 engines total, so the odds were pretty high against recovering one from Apollo 11.

Luck however was with Jeff as he announced on July 19 the recovery of engine serial number 2044, the number 5, or center engine of Apollo 11's Saturn V S-1C first stage: 


Jeff will continue to restore the engines and they will eventually end up on display. Read More About It:

F-1 Engine

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