Monday, July 8, 2013

Roswell 66 Years Later

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66 years ago today newspapers had headlines about “flying disc” wreckage being found on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. Years later the flying discs became a flying saucer and alien bodies being found. Congressional hearings, GAO and US Air Force investigations have probably done nothing to answer the conspiracy theories that about the incident. In face they have probably fueled the faithful regarding the 1947 incident.
Today Google has commemorated the “Roswell Incident” with links and a game you can play.
To me UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects) DO exist….because there ARE things up there in the sky that we cannot identify. I have seen a few UFO’s myself that I could not equate to aircraft/satellites/aerial/astronomical causes. But do UFO’s necessarily equate to alien spacecraft? That is too large a leap. 
I have studied UFO’s over the years and there are a few famous sightings, to include the buzzing of the Nation’s capitol by UFO’s in July 1952,_D.C._UFO_incident Fighter jets were scrambled and they were supposedly tracked on radar – I have a copy of the reprint. That is an intriguing report that remains unexplained to this day.
I personally believe that life exists elsewhere in the Universe – there are just too many planets and stars for that to NOT to be true – BUT we have no evidence of that YET. We are searching the Universe for signs of life and intelligent life – there is a difference between the two. 
Life can exist in primitive form as well as in developed intelligence that may be space travel capable. According to Einstein, nothing can exceed the speed of light so there is a speed limit to space travel and the distances are exceedingly far between stars, so, it is hard to imagine that we have been visited by other alien species – I won’t go so far as to say impossible however.
The sci-fi realm has had so many wonderful movies about this question of intelligent life in the Universe – Contact being the best one I believe. We have also had the aliens have visited Earth and “made us” genre as well – Prometheus being the latest movie along those lines.
The late Carl Sagan said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”. Such it is with life in the Universe. We may someday have that proof. To me I do not believe it will come in the form of a spaceship landing on the White House lawn as happened in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (original movie not the remake). It may happen with probes that land on Europa and sample the ocean known to exist under the ice or it may be a mysterious repeating signal that can’t be attributed to astrophysical processes.
That is why we must continue to look, listen and explore the Universe. The question of “Are We Alone” has its’ answer out there – not in conspiracies.
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