Friday, July 19, 2013

Smile - You're On Two Spacecraft Cameras

Hey Space Placers!

Today and tomorrow we on Earth will have our picture taken by spacecraft cameras onboard Cassini at Saturn (Friday) and MESSENGER at Mercury (Saturday).

The 'net is abuzz about this photobombing that will take place and it is pretty cool to think that we will have a chance to see ourselves from two different viewpoints within the solar system.

Since my blog on June 19 about the Saturn photo shoot, MESSENGER scientists realized that their spacecraft would have a photo opportunity with planet Earth on Saturday, July 20th, so they will be clicking away as well.

I look forward to seeing us with the backdrop of Saturn's rings and the perspective from Mercury.

Neither planet will be visible to Northern Hemisphere residents when the pics are taken, but Saturn will be visible in the southwest after sunset, so take a wave anyway.

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